Company portrait

EdgeWave is a highly innovative provider of high-end laser beam sources. The Aachen- based company was the pioneer in the conception of InnoSlab technology and now leads the international field in this new area of technology. InnoSlab lasers count among today’s most efficient production tools, with a unique combination of high power output, high pulse frequencies, beam quality, scalability in power and energy and tailorable beam profiles. They allow users to improve existing manufacturing processes and extend them to new types of products.

The range of services offered by EdgeWave includes the development, manufacture and marketing of solid-state lasers and peripheral components, together with consulting on the application and integration of such sources. As an internationally oriented company, EdgeWave maintains close ties with a network of experienced laser users and component manufacturers who rely on the latest in advanced technology. 

EdgeWave supplies its products to system manufacturers and engineering companies and to end users who need application-specific, tailor-made laser solutions. Users of InnoSlab technology can be found in many branches of industry, including photovoltaic, glass, ceramics, semiconductor, car manufacturing, tool- and die making, cabinet making, micromachining, medical engineering and analytical tools and in scientific society.