InnoSlab amplifier

In the InnoSlab amplifiers high gain, high efficiencies and high damage threshold are unified by matching the beam cross section to the peak power of the amplified laser radiation after each pass via beam expansion defined by the cavity-like folding mirrors. This enables high amplification factor of the laser power or pulse energy at high efficiency and high beam quality.

In order to scale power and energy output oscillator-systems (MOPA) are often used. The main problem in most MOPA designs is to obtain efficient amplification with a large amplification factor due. The problem is due to the controversial behavior between the saturation for high efficiency and the gain for a large amplification factor. This problem is solved by the InnoSlab amplifier design where a slab shaped crystal and two folding mirrors for generation of multipass are used. The slab crystal is pumped by diode lasers.

Based on the InnoSlab amplifier design discussed above large amplification factor and at the same time obtaining high efficiency can be achieved.