Scientific applications

Pumping of dye lasers

Dye laser medium has an energy storage time of some ns sec. Furthermore, the most high power dye laser is transversal pumped. In this case a line shaped top-hat beam is the most favourable intensity profile. Therefore, InnoSlab lasers with their short pulse length and line shaped beam shape are the most efficient pumping sources for dye lasers at high repetition rate. Such lasers are widely used in spectroscopy, laser induced fluorescence, photo acoustic diagnostics, etc.
High speed Aerosol PIV and OH-PLIF:

Aerosol Trajectories and Chemiluminescence @ 1kHz

  • 1,000fps (without HS-IRO)
  • Extinction
  • Aerosol seeding
  • Both PIV laser cavities fired simultaneously @ 10kHz
  • Exposition time 1ms -> trajectories visible  



OH-LIF @ 10kHz

  • 5,000fps (with HS-IRO)
  • Extinction
  • Excitation wave length: 283nm
  • Emission wave length: 308nm
  • UV pulse energy 22 @ 5 kHz
  • B-Halle objective f/# = 2


Further information