LaserRoll – High-resolution laser structuring of printing and embossing rollers for the roll-to-roll production of printed electronics as well as micro- and nano structured foils

Project start: July 2019

Project end: June 2022

The aim of the LaserRoll project is to develop a novel laser processing technology to increase efficiency and resolution in the manufacture of precision printing cylinders.

I contrast to conventional multi-stage production methods, the process examined in this research project enables single-stage direct structuring of embossing tools with no requirement for post-processing. In order to achieve this goal a new ultrashort pulse laser technology with wavelengths in the UV range is used, in which the material is completely evaporated without with a depth resolution of 50‑100 nm and lateral structure sizes of 1 µm and without damaging the surrounding material.

To be able to process the disproportionately increasing amount of data due to the significantly increased resolution, efficient data processing algorithms are being developed as part of the LaserRoll project.

By simplifying printing plate manufacture and significantly increasing resolution, laser direct structuring enables advances I various fields of application such as printed electronics, light guide technology and safety-relevant packaging.


This project is funded by the European Union and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.